Overwinnaars, slagklaar, go!

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'Overwinnaars, slagklaar, go!’ is a new pilot program in the Netherlands introducing physical coaching elements from a successful training program called ‘Survivors Fight Back’ from the USA, combined with the mental elements of LifeCrafting.

Frequently asked questions regarding ‘Survivors Fight Back’ can be found at the Recovery on Water website


The program focuses on participants re-building their life from a fragile physical and mental condition after surviving Breast Cancer. Without ignoring the illness, the focus is on slowly becoming "human" and rediscovering personal sources of power and motivation. The gaze is forward and focuses on possibilities instead of limitations. With an increase in energy, participants may find it possible to have a ‘new’ life, where their family responsibilities, work, social connections, health and meaning can be fulfilled again.

The Survivor’s Journey

Are you a survivor in post-treatment, that might have new questions and uncertainties? Do you feel that your need for support, and not feeling alone, is paramount to your recovery? Is it important to stay active in your own recovery while gaining support from fellow survivors?

This might be the project for you.

The psychic recovery

The program assumes a positive psychological approach, meaning ‘you are not your illness’. The focus is on releasing the illness, so the participant gets to evolve from who/where they were before the illness. Areas of impact are:

  • Solution-focused programming. During individual coaching sessions, small signals of progress are discussed. The focus is on the future.
  • Individual and group coaching. It is important to learn with and from each other. Participants are all fellow sufferers, so everyone can fulfill a stimulating role for each other. The mutual recognition of complaints has a lowering effect. This increases motivation to actively work on recovery.

The physical recovery

Participant programming is constructed after a green light from an oncologist, oncology nurse, or oncological physiotherapist. Dependent on the participant’s treatment plan, therapists, along with the participant, will agree if group rowing is suitable. Everyone is offered a personal exercise program. The goal is to increase muscle strength and stamina through rowing.

The Practitioner’s Journey

Are you a practitioner interested in your client's want to increase their exercise activity in a safe environment, with participants sharing similar journeys? Are you interested in identifying major struggles for breast cancer survivors, and exploring different ways to decrease them? Are you interested in participating in programming specifically tailored to assist with your client's self-esteem and sense of belonging (community) challenges?

This might be the project for you.

Future Potential

Using a blend of e-health applications (apps) gives participants a way to measure and follow their mental improvements and physical recovery.


The goal of ‘Overwinnaars, slagklaar, go!’ is to generate sustainable change in a client's life. We believe that rehabilitation involving the team sport rowing affects positive change in ways beyond just an exercise regimen.

We would like to demonstrate that communing with nature and water improves mental health, a critical component of the recovery process. Through teamwork and 'perseverance together', the road to recovery is strengthened even further.

My name is Brock Sampson
I am the founder and director of Rowing Without Limits, where we believe team sport has the power to improve lives.
I am a professional rowing coach and master oarsman, who came to rowing as someone looking for a sense of community. That sense of community I found in rowing, has grown into a lifelong passion to ensure everyone, not just the physically, mentally, or social-economically elite, can also enjoy the lifelong benefits the sport provides.
In Austin, Texas USA, I coached a group of breast cancer survivors who used team sport to heal physically and mentally, and potentially become someone new by doing recreational activity together. They enjoyed many activities but found a way to ‘persevere together’ through rowing, and overcome some of their challenges faced after surviving cancer.
For this pilot to be successful in the Netherlands, we absolutely need your help to build participation and volunteer your expertise.
Is this the project for you? Please contact me and let's find out.

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